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How to beat the winter blues

You good?

Hey pals! Some good news for your Wednesday? Abbott Elementary is back tonight! Clearly, I’m already looking forward to watching it on my couch…in my robe…with a sweet little treat, of course. It’s called self-care, okay?! But more on that below.

Song of the day: As a nod to queen Miley, who just won her first two Grammys on Sunday, we’re throwing it back to “See You Again,” AKA the bop that started it all.


The Golden Ticket to Beating the Winter Blues

I’m having a major case of the winter blues and have noticed a shift in my mood that’s affecting my work, relationships, and overall quality of life. Any advice on how to fix the vibes at least until spring? —G.


Well, well, well, welcome to the club. I’m not kidding when I say I sit in front of my light therapy lamp every morning for 10 minutes while gazing out the window at the 34th day of no sun.

  • The good news? The sun won’t set before 5pm again for several months. Love this for us!

  • The bad news? It’s been scientifically proven that winter months can knock us into funky moods, sometimes even triggering seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Hate this for us.

  • The comforting-ish news? You’re not alone. In a CivicScience poll, 65% of those aged 18-24 say they (or a household member) experience SAD, while 47% of those aged 25-34 say the same. Um, yeah… it’s me, hi. 🙋‍♂️

Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow last week on Groundhog Day, which hopefully means those April showers that bring May flowers won’t be snowy. But until the sun wants to take its coat off and stay a while, let’s chat about a few things that help me feel like a baddie, even when I’m feeling like a total saddie.

Make IRL plans (but not too many): I’m a firm supporter of saying “no” when you have too much on your plate, but getting something on the books once in a while can be an absolute mood booster when you’re feeling bleh. Sidenote: Plans don’t have to be $$$! Making time to belly laugh on your couch with your bestie while swiping for them on Bumble totally counts.

Get moving: Two hundred years ago, the majority of the world lived in agricultural communities and only sat three to five hours a day to take work breaks. Today, the modern American sits for 13 to 15 hours per day…

As much as I love the vibe of Charlie’s grandparents in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, I’ve never regretted taking a walk around the block in the fresh air (even if it’s just to get an iced coffee). And for days when it’s -25 degrees out, popping on a short YouTube workout or meditation video gets my brain and body grooving. 

Treat yourself: Whether it’s the perfect summer shirt, or tickets for a concert in June, if it’s going to make you happy, buy it. A little treat every now and then is what life’s all about. Plus, it gives you something to look forward to during the gloomy days!

While those are some small things that help me when I’m in a rut, I’d love to know what helps you when you’re feeling blue. Reply to this email and let me know; I could always use a rec or two!

And remember, if you’re feeling low and need a little help, it’s always a good idea to check in with a medical professional. Mental health is wealth. 🫶

Got a Q for me to A? Submit yours here.

Things To Send to the Group Chat…

….while you block off an hour on your cal to take a mental health walk.

“We’re tougher than people think. At the very least, we’ll make some very funny memes about it.” Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett writes for Vogue about “millenopause,” and why people can’t seem to leave us millennials the heck alone. 

Chip salad??! Obviously, I’ll be making this SeriousFoodFetish recipe for Super Bowl Sunday. 🤤

While we’re busy wondering if she’ll make it back from her Tokyo show in time to watch Travis Kelce in the SB, Taylor Swift has been working on another album (when is she not??). While accepting the Grammy for Album Of The Year, she announced The Tortured Poets Department will drop April 19th. 

Thanks so much for hanging today. I hope you have the best rest of the week ever. TTY next Wednesday!


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