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Is your boss wasting your time?

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Hey friends! Hope everyone’s return to work after the long weekend was as painless as possible. I’m still thinking about the cheesy potatoes I had four helpings of Tuesday afternoon…hard to forget that.

Friday vibes: Hey Siri, play Lizzo’s “About Damn Time” after my meeting runs over because my boss is showing me the mulch he just put down in his yard. 🙄


How to Say ‘Now Don’t Go Wastin’ My Precious Time’ in Corporate

“Get your act together we could be just fine” —you to your boss after reading this

I am very organized when I run my meetings and respect other people's time, but my boss often goes over when they run theirs. How do I bring this up in a respectful way? Or is this just something I should just get over?—J.


A non-exhaustive list of the kinds of meetings that suck the most:

  1. Meetings that should have been emails

  2. Meetings that go over their allotted time

Your boss may be your boss, but that doesn’t give them the right to totally steamroll your calendar or disrespect your time (which is money, or so I’m told).

I think it’s totally acceptable to say something if your manager’s poor time management skills are affecting your work. Something simple like this could help start a conversation:

“I’ve noticed our meetings have been running a bit over and have caused conflicts in my work schedule. Do you mind if we either stick to the scheduled meeting time or plan ahead for the occasions when we’ll need extra time so that I can prep my schedule accordingly?”

Imposter Syndrome Is So Yesterday

Only two of us from my team can apply for a team lead position that just opened up. I’m so scared I won’t get the position that it’s turning me off from applying. I think it’s one thing not to get a job and never have to see those people again, but it’s another not to get a job that everyone knows you applied for and didn’t get. Any advice?—J.

It sounds like your insecurities and imposter syndrome may be getting in the way, so let’s talk about the possibilities here:

You get the job. And everyone is amped for you! Don’t let self-doubt get in the way of a possible big promotion. As a wise, wise teenager with great bangs once said…

You don’t get the job. Over the years, I’ve learned that the majority of people are far more preoccupied worrying about themselves than they are worrying about the people around them. Does it stink that you didn’t get the position? Sure. But it’s not like your coworkers are going to come to you and say:

And if they do? That’s not a work environment you want to stay in anyway.

Got a Q for me to A? Submit yours here.

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Quiz: What Can AI Do for You? 👀

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Answer questions about your work style and everyday responsibilities and WorkLab’s quiz will point you in the direction of the best resources and research on how AI can lighten your load (this quiz is much, much more useful than knowing what One Tree Hill character you are based on your favorite breakfast).

Employees are already hyped for AI’s work possibilities:

  • Microsoft's 2023 Work Trend Index found that 64% of people struggle to fulfill their job responsibilities due to a lack of time and energy.

  • And 70% of individuals would delegate tasks to AI to reduce workloads.

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Things to Slack your work besties

…while you scroll through your friend group’s 4th of July shared album wishing you were still enjoying ~lake life~.

Your friend never needs to know that the pine-scented candle you gifted them was 50% off thanks to this price sticker hack.

“Four, tres, two, uno!” It’s been 17 years since Fergie taught us to count backward in Spanglish, and I still know every word of this verse.

Margot Barbie Robbie gives a tour of Barbie World and shows us how the movie uses real and imaginary elements to create the perfect pink dream world. When I finally redo my apartment? Coming back to this one for sure.

That’s it for today! Thanks so much for reading. Hope you have a fun-filled weekend, and I’ll see you back here on Monday!



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