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Play this during your next all-hands

We're all winners here

Hey pals! Flannels? Leaves changing colors? Soup szn?! It’s the most wonderful time of the year and, yes, I will be watching Hocus Pocus nightly for the foreseeable future.

Today’s jams: This is now the third day in a row that I’ve woken up singing S Club 7’s “Bring It All Back,” and honestly, I’m not mad about it. The next time you’re looking for some words of wisdom, just remember, “Don’t stop, never give up, hold your head high and reach the top.”


WorkDaze Corporate Jargon Bingo

Here at WorkDaze HQ, we’re always looking for ways to make work a little more tolerable, which is why today we present to you…Corporate Jargon Bingo!

So the next time Karen from finance talks about “ROI” or your boss “gives you three minutes back?” Instead of rolling your eyes internally, just remember who the real winner is here.

Sponsored by You’re Getting Old

The Game That Makes It Out of the Group Chat

When’s the last time your friend group has gathered for some good old-fashioned revelry? Is your consistent 9 p.m. bedtime getting in the way of your socializing? Have you and your besties been canceling plans since the early 2010s?

It’s time to face it—You’re Getting Old, both the hard fact and the card game. It’s the game that’ll remind you of your youth (in a good way, we swear), make you reminisce about the T9 keyboard, and cause your friend group to finally keep their plans.

Ready to give the group chat a rest and meet up for the first time in over a decade?

Find the game at Target, Walmart, and Amazon.

Things To Send Your Work Besties

as you yell “bingo!” after five minutes of your company-wide meeting.

The Writers Guild of America and major Hollywood studios reached a deal to end the 148-day strike! The deal includes increased compensation for writers, new minimum staffing requirements for writers’ rooms, and limitations on AI.

Speaking of soup szn! Nothing gets me more giddy than a warm cozy bowl on a crisp fall day. I’ll be making this one asap! Have a good soup (Adam Driver voice) recipe I need to try? Reply and share it with the team!

From Hannah Montana to the infamous breakup, her Bangerz phase to what she hopes for the future…Miley Cyrus walks through the last 30 years of her life as a performer.

That’s all for today! Hope Friday gets here before we know it. See you back here next week! IDK WHAT DO I KNOW?! LMAO!


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