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Four years later: How Covid has changed us

Do you have any hand sani?

Happy Wednesday! Al Pacino skipping past the nominees and immediately announcing the Best Picture winner at the Oscars is how all meetings should go. Short, sweet, to the point. 

Today’s tunes: 
Them: You’ve been playing this album on repeat since it came out...
Us: Yes, and? 

We’re freaking out over Ariana Grande’s “eternal sunshine (slightly deluxe)” and want to know what some of your fave tracks are!

Four Years Later:
How Covid Has Changed Us

Four years ago, our lives changed entirely as COVID-19 swept the world. Overnight, we went from biting our tongues in packed conference rooms to rolling our eyes off-camera while wiping down groceries alone?? 

Covid has shaped the world we live in today and, along the way, has managed to teach us a few things… whether we asked for it or not. Let’s chat about a few of those changes, shall we?

Work environment

You’d think we’d know how to use the mute button by now, yet somehow, someone always yells, “You’re on mute!!” whenever we try to get our one-word contribution into the team convo. Classic.

Of those who have a remote job, a survey by Flex Jobs found that 51% prefer WFH, while 46% prefer a hybrid situation. One reason for the almost-even split? 

According to HubSpot’s 2023 Hybrid Work Report, 66% of people expressed a lack of strong connections with their coworkers. And we hear you! Walking up to a coworker’s desk > waiting three hours for them to respond via Slack.

Some need in-person interaction to feel connected, while others prefer WFH for the fact they’re able to get more done, and not just at work.

Some reasons we’re fans of working from bed home?

Using our lunch break for appointments (or power naps) 
Taking a trip to the fridge every 20 minutes for a little treat
Getting a morning workout in instead of commuting
Immediately throwing our white shirt in the wash after spilling coffee on it at 9:02 am

Mental health

If there’s any silver lining we can take away from the pandemic, it’s the spotlight it’s given on mental health. 

As the initial “14 days to slow the spread” quickly turned into months of isolation and probably one too many virtual happy hours (if we’re being honest), people’s mental health took a turn for the worst.

According to the Mayo Clinic, some issues induced by the pandemic include:


But while many experienced a dip in their mental health, they started to talk about it more, and the less taboo it became. 

Many companies recognized employees were struggling, and they actually listened (gasp!) by:

1) Providing mental health resources
2) Encouraging self-care (mental health days, health and wellness stipends, etc.)

In fact, a recent study shows that 55% of Millennials and Gen Z have been to therapy, and 39% are planning to go this year. Meanwhile, 90% of Gen Z and Millennials think more Americans should go to therapy. We’re not NOT looking at you, Boomers. :)

Gone are the days we’re scared to miss an ~important~ email if we step out for some fresh air; in are the “BOOKED & BUSY” blocks on our cals for afternoon strolls. We love to see it!


The loss of so many lives and the shutdown of the world forced us to slow our roll and stop to think about what really matters. Two main things that come to mind?

Careers: An Indeed survey of people who voluntarily left their jobs since March 2020 found that 92% said the pandemic made them realize life’s too short to stay in a job they aren’t passionate about.

Relationships: While isolation caused some shake-ups and breakups, a Pew Research study shows that 33% of Americans actually found positive experiences of reconnection with family and friends.

While we’ll be experiencing the impacts of Covid for years to come, the pandemic has taught us some pretty important things along the way. Reply to this email and tell us how the pandemic positively changed your life. We always love to hear from you! 🫶

Got a Q for us to A? Submit yours here.

Things To Send in the Group Chat

before you make your weekly midday Trader Joe’s run

🎵 It’s the start of something new! 🎵 Vanessa Hudgens debuted a baby bump on the Oscars red carpet, announcing she’s expecting her own ~Baby V~ with her husband Cole Tucker. 

Credit: Vanessa Hudgens’ Instagram

If you’re a serial people pleaser like us, you have to watch this SNL clip with Ariana Grande…but like, no worries if not!!! 

We love a good Caesar and a slice (or 6…) of pizza, but have you ever had it all in one? We’re currently drooling over @Sara.Haven’s chopped Caesar salad pizza recipe on Instagram.

That’s all for today; thanks so much for reading! Hope you do something fun for yourself this week. See you back here next Wednesday!

—Rod & Gabi

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