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Your guide to social media at work

Follow for follow?

Hey friends! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I decided to finally go into the office after weeks of Slacking my work bestie “I know we said today but ugh it’s too humid to leave my apartment” only to be greeted by my coworker with “hey infrequent flier!” He’s not wrong though…

Monday mood: Back in the olden days before social media and FaceTime there was Soulja Boy’s banger “Kiss Me Thru The Phone.” Listening to that full blast through wired headphones on my iPod Touch? Now that was living.


The WorkDaze Guide to Social Media

“Whatever you put on the internet is out there forever.” —My dad to me in eighth grade after finally agreeing to let me make a MySpace…but also me to myself every Sunday night as I reread my photo dump caption 27 times before posting.

Why? Not just my social anxiety. These days, it’s become harder to draw the boundary lines between your personal life and your work life on social media. If you accept a follow request from your work bestie, do you have to accept one from your manager? Do you really want to see what your direct reports get into on the weekends? It’s complicated.

Don’t get me wrong—I love social media. I mean…it’s the reason we’re all reading this newsletter, right? But it can be hard to know who’s who and what’s what.

Not anymore. To help you decide what parts of your personal life you want to share with your colleagues (read: finally make a call whether or not to accept Lisa from Finance’s follow request), I’ve come up with a new game called “accept, restrict, block” (kiss, marry, kill is shaking).

Take a look at the options, figure out where Lisa belongs, and proceed knowing you did the right thing.

  • Accept: The work bestie. If you’ve spent more than a couple of nights as happy hour leftovers together, I think it’s safe to say this person is willing and able to 1) gas you up in your comments and 2) not tattle that your sick day was just you live tweeting your binge of The Summer I Turned Pretty.

  • Restrict: The older coworkers who ask you what Reels is. Sweet and harmless, but they don't need to see what happens on your Saturday afternoon booze cruise. Some things are better left unposted, as far as they’re concerned.

  • Block: The nosy and dramatic coworker. If you find yourself panicking that your work nemesis saw what you accidentally posted on your story after inhaling an Uber Eats order at 2am, save yourself the worry and just block ‘em. You don’t owe anyone at work anything outside your job description, and that includes a follow-back.

One final thought: Many companies have their own social media use policies which can include employees’ personal accounts, especially if the post is damaging to the company’s reputation. So just remember to think before you post—you don’t want to end up like any of these people.

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Things to Slack your work besties

…after you make your hyperfixation salad for lunch again.

Two months into the Writers Guild of America strike, and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers isn’t backing down.

According to Deadline, the studios’ game plan is to hold out on negotiations until writers start running out of money—aka losing their homes and going broke. And with the Screen Actors Guild now joining writers on the picket line, Hollywood has largely come to a complete standstill until negotiations are resolved.

We love and support our WGA and SAG members on strike. 🫶

ChatGPT experienced an outage last week that sent users into a spiral, forcing them to use their brains for the first time since its launch. 🥴

Now that we’ve had a minute to listen to Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) on repeat these last couple of weeks, reply and tell me what your favorite vault song is. Which reminds me…have you taken our quiz yet?


That’s it for today!! Have the best week ever and I’ll see you back here on Friday. Love you, mean it!



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