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The 2022 WorkDaze Gift Guide

Gift ideas for you and yours

Happy Holidays, everyone! And welcome to the first ever WorkDaze Holiday Gift Guide. For the next five-ish minutes, I’m trading in my Lottie’s hat for a Santa hat to walk you through the very best gifts money can buy (aside, of course, from actual money in the form of a holiday bonus) for everyone on your list.

Turn on my Millennial Christmas playlist, forget about your seasonal depresh for a minute, and get ready to have some fun. Because everyone knows that the best part of the holidays is wowing your coworkers with your brilliant Secret Santa contribution. That and the TikTok audio that’s like “have a holly, jolly Christmas ✨ XOXO Gossip Girl.”


The 2022 WorkDaze Guide to Holiday Gifting

Gifting used to be easy. You’d hop into your mom’s passenger seat, convince her to let you play your freshly burned “wInTeR bReAk ‘07” CD, and knock out everyone on your list with one stop at the holiday scent section of your local Bath & Body Works.

Today? Things are a little tougher: Your boss might not be a fan of Winter Candy Apple body butter. You might have to participate in an office Yankee Swap (absolutely no iPods allowed). You don’t know if you and your work bestie are on “giving each other presents” terms just yet.

But that’s why I’m here, with the ultimate guide to help you find the perfect gifts for the coworkers, loved ones, and bosses whose good side you really want to get on. Here we gooo 🎁

 For your work bestie 
They’ve talked you out of a major spiral every Tuesday (objectively the worst day of the week) for the whole year. Here’s how to show that special someone how much you appreciate them and how much you’d actually lose it if they quit.

  • This journal, which is the same one I use to do my daily journaling. Nothing says “I value your mental health” like helping your bestie to prioritize it 🫶 ($20)

  • This very cool lunch bag, because Sweetgreen every day? In this economy? Bringing is the new buying. ($42)

  • This coffee mug warmer, which is totally fine to use for coffee or tea or matcha…or mulled wine or spiked hot chocolate or hot toddies or… ($39)

 For the group present 
For some people, going in on a group present is an easy out—you send a Venmo, maybe you sign a card, and you’re covered. But if you, like me, always took the lead on group projects…you’re the one doing the buying for your team leader, parent, landlord, etc. Here are some ideas with price tags that say “from all of us!”

  • This tea club membership that curates and delivers single origin teas every month. Something about this says “I’m a worldly adult who both values exotic cultures and doesn’t order a white chocolate mocha at Starbucks.” ($95 for a six-month subscription)

  • This Book of the Month membership, which, if you’re lucky, might send your boss a book like How to Do Nothing. ($100 for a six-month subscription)

  • This Peloton gift card or this Fox & Robin gift card for the wellness gods and goddesses you surround yourself with. They’ll look cool in cool workout clothes, even if you only ever see them in business casual. ($25+)

 For you, because you deserve it 
You work hard (probably). As a wise woman once said…

  • This Bonne Maman advent calendar of jams and jellies. You have to trust me on this one, but opening a tiny jar of jam to put on your toast every morning is a kind of bliss I never knew I needed. Also advent calendars are fun. ($40)

  • This deep-dish pizza from Pequod’s, my favorite place here in Chicago. Need I say more? (Also yes delivery is available across the US.) ($99+ depending on how much ’za you want)

  • This cozy throw blanket, which is perfect for the couch when it’s your couch and the couch when it’s your desk. I may or may not have two of them. ($139)

  • This box of holiday cookies from Stuffed, which will absolutely not make it to Christmas Eve, let alone two days from now. And I’m eating mine with a GLASS OF COW’S MILK on the side. ($39)

 For the WFH fanatic 
For work to not suck, your workspace has to not suck. Second only to a poster of Chad Michael Murray or Avril Lavigne on your WFH friend’s wall, these are the best gifts to spruce up your home/office/home office.

  • This gorgeous home décor from Jungalow, which is bright and cheery even when Bruce from accounting asks you to talk about what you expensed on your work trip to Art Basel. (trinkets starting at $5)

  • This pajama set from PJ Place, because we all know people who wear jeans to WFH aren’t for real. Or this super comfy waffle robe, because robes are for wearing blankets when wearing blankets isn’t acceptable (also for that hour post-midday shower). ($48 for the PJs and $136 for the robe)

  • This holiday candle (or really anything from Snif), since WFH is code for “I haven’t been outside today and I forgot what trees smell like.” Happens to the best of us. ($36)

 For the Secret Santa exchange 
This section is brought to you by your fellow WorkDaze readers 🥹 who shared the small businesses they love. We think the best gift is one that supports the little guys, so consider these when you get that “ATTN ALL: SECRET SANTA RULES” email this week.

And if you still need more ideas? Here’s a list of some of the coolest, most creative sellers on Etsy.

And if all else fails…I know this guy…who really loves to make TikToks about work and millennial culture…wearing a very signature beanie…and if you want to buy that beanie…you can do that here. ($39)

So there you have it—holiday gifts? Sorted. I hope you find something perfect for the people you love (and like) this winter. And if you have any ideas for moms, hit reply because WHEW

Nothing says holiday spirit like spreading joy gift guides. Forward this edition of WorkDaze to someone you want to receive a waffle robe from and watch your wildest dreams come true.

Thank you for reading! Happy holidays, I’ll see you Friday, and I can’t wait for you to send pics of your loved ones opening these up (especially the pizza).



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