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Give yourself some credit!

The proof is in the pudding

Hi friends! How are ya? Oh us? We’re still in a little corned beef and cabbage food coma over here after St. Patrick’s Day weekend. 

Today’s tunes: Speaking of last weekend, we obviously played Britney’s “Lucky” every hour on the hour all Sunday.

Give Yourself Some Credit!

Show them how good you are at your job. Yes, the previous leadership team may have shown you the ropes, but you’re the one who did the work to get to this point! Give yourself some credit, okay?! Continuing to excel in your position will show this new leadership that you 1) know how to do your job well and 2) don’t need to lean on others (i.e. past leadership) to kick butt at it! 

Communicate your career goals. Clear communication is important to make sure your hat is in the ring regarding promotions. Set up a meeting with the new leadership and let them know your hopes for career advancement. Make sure to ask what needs to be done in your role to make that move happen. This way, expectations are set on both sides from the start! 

And as for your fear of favoritism in the office? If you notice that your coworkers in the same role are being praised and promoted when you aren’t, this may be a sign that the leadership team isn’t very good at leading. At that point, it may be time to start looking elsewhere, where playing favorites isn’t part of the company handbook.

How To Make Change in the Office Not So Scary

  1. Prove it. Bring some examples of when you’ve used the processes you’re suggesting. Sometimes, people need results in front of them to be convinced to make a change. And guess what? You can’t really argue when you have proof that the new software will save Debra from Finance three hours of inputting data. 

  2. Provide support. If you want to implement new changes and introduce new technology, proper training and support must be provided. Especially if you want this change to be as smooth and efficient as possible! Again, intimidation may be a huge factor in your coworkers’ resistance to change, so ensuring their questions are answered and they feel supported will make new processes not so scary!

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Things To Send in the Group Chat

while you watch all three hours and 49 minutes of the Eras Tour on Disney+ for the fourth time this week.

Thanks to the great recession after high school, a weak labor market after college, and everything from student loans to high-interest rates in between, many born in 1990-1991 are still playing catch up. This The Daily episode “It Sucks to be 33” perfectly explains why some of us feel so behind in life right now when it isn’t even our fault. *Picks up the phone to ask my mom why my tummy hurts.*

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We’re kind of obsessed with @AndreaBuckettCooks’ Instagram series What The Hell Am I Going To Do With This? where she makes recipes out of the most random leftovers from the fridge.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this today! Hope it’s smooth sailing the rest of the week, with some little treats along the way. See you back here next Wednesday! 

—Rod & Gabi

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