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How much notice should you give before quitting?

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Hey friends! Did anyone else make the solar eclipse their entire personality on Monday, or was that just us? Hope you all got good views of it regardless! 

Song of the day: I just watched Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen for the first time in a while, and this song has been stuck in my head ever since.

How Much Notice Should You Give Before Quitting?

I’m a new mom and have been working full-time without childcare since returning from maternity leave. The weight of motherhood has taken its toll, and my partner and I plan for me to transition to a full-time mom beginning in July. Since we’re still a few months away, but I know my end date, do I need to tell my company now or wait?—N.

Two weeks before your official end date is the standard amount of time you should give your notice of throwing in the towel. But our answer really depends on your role and relationship with your company. In our personal experience, if your role is more performance-based (i.e. sales), giving notice could very well mean it’ll be your last day, so we recommend sticking with the standard.

If you’re in a more creative role and/or have a great relationship with your work…

Giving a longer notice could make your departure easier on your coworkers and leave you in good graces with them. This gives your company some extra time to 1) find the right candidate for your role and 2) work with you on a transition plan that makes the most sense and isn’t so rushed.

Check in with your coworkers after you give notice and see what they may need from you before you peace out. This gives them time to ask you any questions and cry about your departure at the water cooler. 

PS. We recommend not telling anyone at your company until you give notice to your boss. We know you love your work bestie, but for this one it’s better to keep to yourself!

Congratulations on your little one and this new exciting chapter in your life! We wish you all the best; let us know how it goes. 🙂 

How To Ask a Coworker To Communicate Effectively

I have a coworker who forwards emails without context, so we have to go through the entire thread to figure out what’s happening. How can I professionally communicate to them that this process isn’t working?—N.

A forwarded email without any context? Who are they, my dad? This is 100% unacceptable and counterproductive. A few things you can do to let them know the only scrolling you're interested in doing is on TikTok?

If you want to handle this independently and not get anyone else involved, schedule a one-on-one with your coworker and be straight up about the issue. To make the convo as chill as possible, try your best to hide your disdain for their lack of social skills. Instead, come with specific examples of how their process isn’t working, like:

  • Reading through the entire thread to try and piece together what’s needed isn’t respectful of your time.

  • Without clear communication, things tend to get lost or missed, which often leads to making mistakes.

If you don’t want to talk with your coworker one-on-one, bring the issue up to your manager. From there, they should be able to set and communicate guidelines for all team members regarding clear and concise communication. This strategy could also ease the tension that confronting your coworker alone may result in.

In any case, be prepared for a little side-eye from that uncommunicative coworker because that’s showbiz, baby! *jazz hands*

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Things To Send in the Group Chat

…while you eat ice cream for lunch.

Life can be tough, but our friends at Holding Space are here to make things a little better! Using immersive art and puppetry, Holding Space is an art installation that fosters community connection specifically around grief and loss. You can also join them on Instagram @holdingspaceLA every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 12:30 pm PT for a live 15-minute meditation when you need a little reset! 

Janelle James can do no wrong unless, of course, she’s in character as Ava on Abbott Elementary. On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, she talked about how she started acting by writing herself into a role when she was a show writer. We love to see it! 

This bourbon chicken recipe takes us back to the good old days of hanging in the mall food court and collecting all the free samples in our Etnies sneakers (which are apparently back in style now??).

Thanks so much for hanging with us today. Hope something good happens to you this week. We’ll catch ya next Wednesday!

—Rod & Gabi 

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