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Nail your next interview with these Qs

What, like it’s hard?

Hi friends! I was about to crawl into bed last night after a long day of sending emails and scrolling TikTok, and looked at my clock only to realize it was…7pm! I thought we all decided that daylight saving time wasn’t going to be a thing anymore? What happened to that?

Wednesday jams: My high school dreams came true last weekend when I got to see Natasha Bedingfield perform “Unwritten” IRL!!


Interview Qs To Ask Your *Future* Employer

A tale as old as time…

There’s nothing worse than taking a job that turns out to be everything you thought it wasn’t. What do you mean I have to battle the rest of my team to get PTO at the holidays even though you said the policy was “super generous?” What do you mean?! (I hope you read that in the voice of that one Jennifer Lawrence meme.)

How to avoid that fate: Interview your interviewer to figure out whether you actually want to work there…or if they’re the kind of place that believes in pizza parties instead of promotions. 

Sussing out a company’s vibe in a first interview is a lot like speed dating. In a short amount of time, you’re 1) trying to learn if they’re a good fit for you and 2) trying to leave a good impression in case they are

Two things to remember before an interview (and maybe also for a first date? We <3 transferable skills!) to see if it’s mutually a good match?

  1. Be yourself. As cliché as it sounds, being YOU will help drive more casual, relaxed, and authentic conversations. Pretending to be someone you’re not will only land you in a job you’re unqualified for or on a team that doesn’t get you. Fun fact: I interviewed someone who asked me what my favorite chip was when I said “any questions for me?” at the end of our interview. Weird question, but I rolled with it…and now she’s helping me write this newsletter, in no small part because she wasn’t afraid to be herself. Tortilla chips from Chipotle is my answer, btw.

  2. Never settle. Think about the non-negotiables you need for a job to be worth it. Maybe you need to put a calendar block every Tuesday from 1-2pm for therapy? Or maybe having great health insurance is important to you? You know what you need to be happy in a role, so don’t settle for less.    

And arguably the most important thing you can do? Ask the right questions. This will help determine whether a company passes the vibe check, and it also shows that you care about more than just ~wHaT tHe oFfice CuLtUre Is LiKe~. Sidenote: If that does come up and your interviewer says “we’re like family here”...🏃‍♂️ run.

The WorkDaze crew has had our fair share of interviews throughout our careers, so we’ve compiled a “not so basic” list of Qs we’ve asked that have helped us land gigs we actually want to keep.

  • What do you think will be the most challenging part of this role?

  • What resources do you have in place to help the team avoid burnout?

  • How does your company give back to the community?

  • What’s one thing you hope the person in this role achieves that hasn’t been done before?

  • What are some non-tangible benefits you offer your employees? 

  • How do you support employee learning and development?

  • Can you give an example of how this company has helped you grow in your career?

  • Tell me about the different teams’ communication styles/structures and how the company navigates working across departments.

Have a go-to question you always ask in interviews? Reply to this email and let us know, we wanna hear it! 

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Things To Send Your Work Besties

…while you eavesdrop on the couple next to you at the coffee shop.

A recent survey revealed 49% of Gen Z and 44% of millennials have purchased a dupe of a premium product at some point in their lives. Takes me right back to eighth grade when all I wanted was a pair of Etnies, but all I got were “Fetnies.” What do you think about dupe culture in this day and age?

Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried, Lacey Chabert, and several other icons from Mean Girls reunited for Walmart’s Black Friday commercial, and I just have one word to say about it…fetch. 

If you’re a millennial and in need of a little serotonin boost, these 2000s commercials should do the trick. Which one was your favorite back in the day? And why was it Education Connection?

Got a Q for me to A? Submit yours here.

Thanks so much for reading, that’s all for today! Get yourself a little treat, you totally deserve it. See you back here next week! 



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