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We know which vintage cell phone you are

Bring back T9!

Hey friends. Have we all recovered from the Taylor and Travis backstage embrace yet, or are we still watching the clips from every angle over and over again? There is no wrong answer.

Today’s Tunes: “Stop calling, stop calling. I don't wanna think anymore.” Lyrics to Lady Gaga’s “Telephone,” but also me every day to my manager.


What Old-School Cell Phone Are You Based On Your Communication Style?

Long before the days of FaceTime and voice notes, we had T9 and ringback tones. And while we couldn’t check Find My Friends and text our besties to ask what they’re ordering in the McDonald’s drive-thru line, we were definitely holding our phones up to a speaker and recording “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” for our ringtone (and by we I mean me).

Does your rapid text response time give off Sidekick energy? Or maybe your ability to somehow know everything about everyone gives off more Pink Razr vibes? We want to know what old-school cell phone you are based on your communication style…and we know you do, too.

Click the link below to take our quiz to find out—and make sure to share it with your friends!

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Have the Same Work Experience—No Matter Where You Are

Here at WorkDaze, we believe a strong(er) work culture means a strong work-life balance. That means you decide when it’s beneficial to work from home or the office. But no matter where you work from, you should have the tech to support your experience. No “Toxic” tech here! 👀

Learn how you can experience the hybrid future, to the tune of a certain late-90s pop star, here.

Things To Send Your Work Besties

…while you pretend to take notes in a meeting.

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Mashed potatoes piled on top of a buttery dinner roll?? We all know I love a good carb-forward little snack, and these Thanksgiving cupcakes are exactly that. 🤤

This is my Roman Empire. Jamie Lee Curtis posted a pic of her and Lindsay Lohan with a nod to the SAG-AFTRA strike ending. It’s been 20 years since Freaky Friday came out, so here’s hoping for a sequel in the near future?

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Thanks so much for reading. I’ll see you next week, same place, same time!



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