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How to tell your boss to listen up

On to greener pastures

Hi friends! Overheard waiting in line to get cold brew in the office kitchen this week: “Someone called me Flubber at work today because I don’t have a backbone.” Let this be a reminder to us all to never be Flubber at work. 🫠

Weekend Vibes: I have no idea why I woke up singing Samantha Mumba but I “Gotta Tell You” she’s still a major bop. (I’ll see myself out.)

P.S. We’re switching up our schedule here at WorkDaze HQ! So expect one newsletter a week on Wednesdays from next week on. I promise not to make any hump day jokes (maybe).


How to Tell Your Boss to Pay Attention

Live footage of you in a one-on-on with your boss

Whenever I have a virtual one-on-one or team call with my boss, she's always checking emails or messaging other people during the meeting. Most of the time my coworker and I end up having to repeat ourselves because she's not paying attention or sitting awkwardly in silence until she's done typing. Any advice on how to address this?—K.

One time my old boss was clearly texting during an important one-on-one with me. By some sweet miracle, I had the confidence to pause and politely ask if they needed a second before I continued. Legend has it, my former boss never used a phone again.

Surely your boss knows she should be paying attention. But you might need to communicate directly with her to let her know how it’s affecting you and your work.

Instead of calling her out on the spot like I did (which TBH did make things awkward in the moment), I’d say something like this during your next one-on-one:

“I know we’re all swamped and trying to catch up on work and emails, but I’ve noticed you’ve been a bit distracted in meetings. Is there anything I can do to lessen your load so our meeting times are as productive and distraction-free as possible?”

This will 1) let her know you’re aware she’s not giving you her undivided attention during meetings and 2) hopefully be the wake up call she needs to stop scrolling through Old Navy’s 40% off sale during your weekly brainstorm session.

Always Leave On A Good Note

What is the most polite way to leave my current job on a good note?—K.

Opportunities come, careers change, résumés are polished…that’s show biz, baby. Leaving a job doesn’t have to be bad or dramatic, especially if you’ve enjoyed your experience there. Now, I don’t think anyone has ever classified me as graceful IRL, but I do think I’m pretty good at leaving jobs gracefully. Some of my top tips:

1. Give at least two weeks. It’s courteous to give at least two weeks notice to management so they can start finding your replacement (even though I think you’re irreplaceable) and you can wrap up any loose ends.

2. Fill your team in. Let your colleagues know where you stand on your projects, and offer to answer questions they have. And please, if you do one thing, save all those work files chilling on your desktop to the shared drive. Let’s try to avoid that inevitable text asking where “that one .jpg” is, shall we?

3. Leave a good Glassdoor review. If you wish nothing but the best for your old company, do them a solid for future recruiting efforts and show them some love on Glassdoor.

Final note: If you’re leaving a job that treats you like complete crap…none of the above actions are needed. 😉

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Things to send your work besties

…after your lunchtime facial.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again…know your worth! In just two years, Brianna Doe, a remote marketing director, increased her salary by $100,000 thanks to industry research, confidence, and paying no attention to companies that couldn’t offer her what she was asking for.

Everyone needs a dose of Victoria’s (AKA The Daily Victorian) inspirational messages. A ray of light who brings a feeling of peace to quiet the noise…all while doing yoga? I’m a fan.

TikToker Bobbi Althoff interviewed Drake in his bed, and her deadpan expressions and blunt questions do not disappoint. Drake if you’re reading this, I’d love a Lamborghini too, thanks!

Okay friends, thanks for reading! Buy yourself a little treat this weekend, you deserve it. I’ll see you back here on Wednesday!



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