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How to stop comparing yourself to others

Good morning everyone! Breaking news: The sweetest b*tch you’ll ever meet is back. After 10 years away from the bright lights of the Jersey Shore pier, Sammi Sweetheart is returning to join Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. My week is made already.

Monday’s mood booster: More later on why Paris Hilton isn’t the icon we deserve, but the icon we need, but for now, I’m throwing it back to her 2006 summer anthem, “Stars Are Blind.”


Be Your Own Main Character

Comparison has always been a part of my life, from counting how many more free throws my middle school basketball teammates made (roughly 67% to my roughly 3%) to measuring out with scientific precision the number of years it took my younger coworker to get my dream job.

And it’s never once helped me (seriously, my free throw percentage is still 🗑️).

Learn from my mistake: Comparison isn’t just a waste of time—it can actively conspire against you and all you’re working for. Story time!

  • When I worked in sales, I lost out on a performance-based promotion.

  • How? Because I didn’t focus enough on myself—I was so fixated on knowing how my coworkers were doing on their KPIs that I forgot about my own goals.

Comparison is normal from time to time. But as I’m sure you’ve heard by now (and you definitely have if you, too, have a “quote President Teddy Roosevelt at any given chance” dad)...comparison is also the thief of joy.

So next time you find your inner monologue heading in a “bUt ThEy’Re DoInG tHiS” direction? Remember →

Everyone’s journey is different: As cliché as it may sound, you will never have the exact same life path as anyone else. I guarantee you’ve done some pretty spectacular things that your “competition” has not. I mean, have they ever taught their grandma how to use the MacBook touch bar without anyone crying?

A little healthy competition can be good. But remember, in the wise words of millennials’ favorite Gen Z triple threat Olivia Rodrigo, “Their win is not my loss.” Competition as a source of inspiration? Good. Competition as the only motivating force getting you to accomplish anything? Not good.

Compete with yourself: Rather than caring how many times your office’s proverbial Chrishell rang the bell this month, make your biggest competition you—set timely and attainable goals, track your progress, and evaluate how far you’ve come. Remember five months ago when you’d get all nervy before a presentation, and now you’re giving them weekly with your eyes closed? That’s growth, baby! You’re way outperforming the old you.

And a note for managers: A lot of my own competitive thoughts were fueled by my previous managers who encouraged a scarcity mentality about promotions and praise. If you’re a manager, help your employees set goals, recognize their strengths, and give them feedback on what they can do to improve.

You don’t want to be this, do you?

Kicking & Screaming was the She’s The Man of 2005

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TFW Your Gen Z Coworker Asks if S Club 7 Was Hard to Get Into…

Let’s just say we’ve been there.

We’re all navigating a workforce that’s made up of four generations. That’s…a lot of generations! In one place! Trying to communicate! And work! And send gentle but firm follow-up emails! And enjoy themselves but not take it too far at the company happy hour!

The point of all this: Our friends at Venture For Canada are having an awesome event, All Things People, to unpack everything about the multi-gen workforce—and how to unlock its potential vs. viewing it as an obstacle to overcome.

Some more info about the event:

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Things to Slack your work besties

…after you take your last camera-off call of the day from the bathtub.

One-third of women took off work last year due to burnout. Sick of feeling overwhelmed, some millennials are quitting their full-time jobs and choosing the path of part-time work to live a less-stressed life. What do you think?

BBC tried to tell the world that people’s mental health was minimally affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the internet let them know otherwise. Among my favorite quote tweets?

New mom Paris Hilton shares that her son’s favorite lullaby is her hit (I said what I said) “Stars Are Blind.” She also said prank calling people with her family is one of her favorite pastimes (Todd Kraines vibes, IYKYK). Paris, if you see this, you can prank call me!

That’s it for today! Wishing you a good start to the week, and I’ll see you back here on Friday!



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