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Millennial trends that are back (even if we hate them)

Is your camera charged?

Hey friends! Fun fact of the day? Twenty years ago, Usher’s “Yeah!” was the #1 song on the charts. Another fun fact? We still run to the dance floor whenever this comes on, exactly like 14-year-olds wearing head-to-toe Hollister would back in the day.

Song of the week: Well, while we’re here, we obviously have to listen to it!

While Gabi is guilty of pairing one too many statement necklaces with cold-shoulder tops in 2010 (she’s proudly kept her side part all these years, though, sorry Gen Z!), Rod’s weakness was a classic graphic tee, preferably one that said, “I Do My Own Stunts.” 

We never thought we’d be talking about peplum and flip phones again, but here we are. As two millennials, we think know our generation is obviously the best, but we’re not so sure about these trends below that are coming back around.

We just learned that Etnies are back, and instantly, we were transported back to hanging out at the mall in our paint-splattered T-shirts and pretending we had any clue how to do a kick-flip.

The only Capri we need back in our lives is if we’re taking a trip to Italy. But much to our surprise, capri pants are making a comeback this year, with celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid already embracing the trend. 

Younger generations are voluntarily giving up their smartphones and choosing to live the flip phone life instead of being constantly connected. Sounds like they may need some help printing out Mapquest directions too…

Harper’s Bazaar says peplum is popping again! But the tips they shared on how to style it definitely don’t include skinny jeans anymore. Instead, consider pairing a peplum top with wide-leg pants to balance out the shape and create more of an elongating effect. 

Raise your hand if you were the designated digital camera operator of your friend group. The one to always have the battery charged who made sure that all 58939 blurry photos from the weekend were uploaded on Sunday night to a Facebook album named, Here’s To The Nights We Felt Alive! <3. 🙋‍♀️

Whether it was adding one to multiple-layered shirts or keeping our low-rise jeans from falling too low, statement belts made a statement in 2008 and are back to do the same this year.

Who’s going to tell Gen Z we did layering first with our pastel-colored popped polos? It looks like the layering trend is coming back around, not only with shirts but dresses over jeans?? Big yikes!

We can still feel the blisters from our Sperrys, which we obviously paired with our popped-collar polos. (Sidenote: How did we ever think that was an appropriate “business casual” option back then?) However, according to Vogue, 2024 is the “Year Of The Boat Shoe,” with Miu Miu backing up the bold statement in their 2024 spring runway show in Paris. 

New and old trends will come and go. And while we’ll always be influenced or de-influenced by them (the boat shoes are a no-go for us, tbh), at the end of the day, remember to wear what makes you feel like your most comfortable self. And if some days that means “Adam Sandler-chic,” that’s fine with us because… same. 

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Things To Send in the Group Chat

…while you look through and cringe at your old Facebook statuses.

The fact that The O.C. first aired over twenty years ago makes us a little sick, but of course, we’re still fully invested in what the cast is up to today.

Who was your favorite The O.C. character?

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L’eggo my ego! These old commercials will immediately transport you back to watching TGIF every Friday night on ABC. Really helped with our serotonin levels today!!

Nothing was better than finding a Cosmic brownie in your lunch bag for a little treat after your PB&J. Shoutout to @NaomiSeifter’s recipe on TikTok for making our nostalgic treat dreams come true!

That’s all for today! Thanks so much for hanging with us. Hope you have the best rest of the week ever. TTYL! 

—Rod and Gabi

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