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Kick those insecurities to the curb

Always room for improvement

Happy Friday! I know, I know, I woke up this morning and chose violence with this question, but I’m asking anyway: You can only pick one. I gotta know…the new season of Succession or Vanderpump Rules?? (Yes, there is a right answer.)

Friday’s vibes: More on their comeback later, but today I’m traveling back in time to my childhood bedroom screaming Aly & AJ’s “Potential Breakup Song” into my mom’s hairbrush.


How To Mute Your Work Insecurities

I love working remotely and I’ll never go back, but I find that there’s a lot more quiet void throughout my day for me to think about my work insecurities. Any advice for turning that voice of insecurity off?—A.

Anyone who’s ever seriously asked a work bestie, “do you think I RSVP’d to that meeting too quickly and it made me look weird?” can tell you—your own insecurities can make work way harder than it needs to be.

Here’s how to tell them to, in the immortal words of Cher Horowitz after Dion accidentally pulls onto the freeway, “shut up.”

Identify your insecurities. Are you having trouble understanding a specific responsibility, like developing Q2 goals? Do you need help using a certain program (*cough* Excel)? Finding the roots of your insecurities will help determine how you pluck ‘em out like weeds.

Level up. It’s always smart to invest in yourself. An example: Not confident with public speaking like I used to be (pre-becoming a TikTok sensation)? Learn how to be a better public speaker! I was able to take a few classes on my old company’s time and dime that helped me feel more confident with my presentation skills.

Take a break. Silence still too loud while WFH? Distract your brain from the negative thoughts. Take a walk, do a short workout, or spend your lunch break doing something you genuinely enjoy (Netflix is perfectly acceptable). Sometimes our brains just need a little reset to get back on track.

What to Do When You Keep Getting Fired

I’ve gotten fired from my last three jobs. I’m feeling like I totally suck and I’m not sure where to go next. I’m 13 years into my career and feel like I’m just no longer on the right path. Any advice on how to figure this all out?—A.

First things first, you do not totally suck! But getting let go can definitely make us feel that way, so I’m sorry you’re going through this. Let’s chat about it!

Did you have exit interviews at your previous jobs? (I hope the answer is yes—no desk should be cleaned out without one.) Negative feedback like the kind we might get in an exit interview may bruise our egos a bit, but it can also help determine what went wrong and how not to do it again. Take some time to reflect on those convos.

Now let’s talk about that path of yours. The best part of being on any path is that you can go off of it, even if you’re 13 years in. A few Qs to ask yourself to see if change might be in order:

  • Do you enjoy what you do or are you just comfortable because you’ve been doing it for so long?

  • Are you getting value out of your job anymore?

  • Is there another career you’re interested in?  

Use this time off to 1) answer those questions and 2) really think about what you want to accomplish in your next job. If that’s something totally different from what the last 13 years have given you…pivot!

As scary as it may sound to change paths, just remember that you’re not starting completely over. All of the skills and experiences you’ve gained from your past jobs make you a big time contender for future careers. Let me know how it goes!

Got a Q for me to A? Submit yours here.

Things to Slack your work besties

…as you pour a glass of wine and shut your laptop the second your last meeting ends.

Sticking up for yourself to management can be intimidating. I’m taking notes from Laura so I’m ready for the next time my boss tries giving me more work without more $$$.

As much as I complain about work, it’s always nice to hear people are out there doing what they really love. Not me looking up the qualifications to become a National Park Ranger…

“Don’t let nobody tell you your life is over!” Aly & AJ are back with their latest album With Love From, which they’ve called a “second chance” for their music career (but if you ask me they never went anywhere after that first chance).

Fit check

That’s all for today! Have the best weekend, and I’ll see you back here on Monday!



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