How to network to get work

Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries

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How to Network to Get Work

I already have a bachelor’s degree in graphic design with eight years of experience, but I start school next week for an associate’s degree in UX design. The program is self-paced and will take 4–6 months to complete. I’m looking for a new role after I graduate (my current job isn’t really inspiring passion). When would you start applying for new jobs? —L.

With the job market still doing its best impression of Marissa on that Tijuana trip on The O.C. (read: it’s a lot bit unsteady), I recommend starting your search at least 2–3 months before you graduate. That’ll give you some time to find a job that does inspire passion without being under too much pressure.

But in the meantime? Start making some connections!

  • Research what kind of companies you’re interested in joining after you graduate.

  • Check for mutual connections at those companies on LinkedIn, and if it makes sense, ask the mutual for an intro. If Joe Jonas could successfully slide into Sophie Turner’s DMs, you can do this.

  • If you connect with someone at a company of interest, share your experience and timeline and ask if they expect any openings in the near future.

What to Do When Your Boss Crosses a Line

Any tips on dealing with a toxic martyrdom in the workplace? My manager is two seconds away from complete burnout but she does it to herself. She often tells the team about the extra hours she worked on the weekend or the lack of sleep she got last night and speaks very freely about issues in her personal life. Her constant state of stress is stressing me out! —D.

This question just sent a shiver down my spine. Being a good manager involves setting and following healthy boundaries, but it sounds like your boss may need a refresher course. There are two things going on here that cross some boundaries:

  1. Working too much: Working overtime and on the weekends doesn’t earn you a badge of honor (I have been saying this). You’re not getting paid to work in your free time, right? Your manager letting you know she’s doing so isn’t setting a great example of healthy work boundaries for you and your colleagues.

  2. Trauma dumping: I’m all about having a good work bestie, but it sounds like your boss isn’t giving you a choice when it comes to listening to her personal problems, and that’s a problem itself. You aren’t her therapist.

❎ DON’T: Follow in your boss’s footsteps. Just because they’re sending emails at 6am on a Saturday doesn’t mean you should. Maintain your work boundaries so you can avoid burning out like your boss.

✅ DO: Consider a little chat with HR. If your boss’s actions are negatively affecting you, it’s fair to say something. It’ll probably be pretty uncomfy directly asking your boss to chill, so I’d turn to HR to remain anonymous.

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Things to Slack your work besties

…while you eat an entire container of frozen chocolate peanut butter cups from Trader Joe’s.

47% of millennials and 36% of Gen Z have reportedly considered ending a friendship due to a friend’s excessive spending habits. FOMO and trying to keep up with others are two of the reasons why 88% of millennials have gotten into debt 🥴. What do we think? Have you ever come close to the IRL unfriend over $$?

I’m loving these summer TikTok recipe trends, especially this watermelon shaved ice! Never thought I’d use a cheese grater on a watermelon but here I am…

Current comfort show obsession: Hack My Home on Netflix. A home improvement show that revamps homes to maximize space. Not me getting ideas on how I can make more storage space for my 2000s DVD boxed sets.

That’s it for today!! Hope you do something nice for yourself this weekend. See you on Monday!



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