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Your newest work bestie is...AI

3 moments in millennial history that could've been saved by the corporate world's hottest buzzword

There are some things in life that you just can’t deny: Rory should have ended up with Jess, coffee is better iced, and artificial intelligence is here to stay. Our team has been open about how that last one makes us feel a little bit squirmish.

But like the Sex and the City reboot, the idea of AI in the workplace is growing on me. Because more and more, it’s becoming clear that AI might actually be able to help fix work.

Let me explain.

You know that we here at WorkDaze believe strongly in “work smarter, not harder.” And AI can certainly help us live out that mantra. I mean, just imagine if some of these early 2000s icons had access to artificial intelligence:

Source: Tracy Bennett/Columbia Tri Star/Shutterstock

  • In 13 Going on 30, grownup Jenna Rink could have used AI to create that mood board for Poise magazine instead of pulling an all-nighter. Because we all know a real 30-year-old could never go without 8 hours.

  • In Legally Blonde, Elle Woods could have used AI to expedite her work as Professor Callahan’s intern and cut the time she had to spend with that scumbag in half.

  • In The Devil Wears Prada, Andy could have used AI to quickly learn the difference between cerulean and blue. 👀

The truth is: AI is not our foe…it might actually be our new work bestie.

The proof is in Microsoft’s Work Trend Index Annual Report. The findings reveal →

So, what’s taking up everyone’s time and sapping their creativity?

Digital debt is a major factor.

Have you ever reached inbox zero (the closest we’ve gotten is inbox 47ish)? It feels impossible with the neverending barrage of Can we circle back on this?

That’s digital debt. What else is digital debt? Inefficient, uninspiring meetings. Searching around for playbooks and onboarding documents that leave much to be desired. The constant pinging of so many workplace chat notifications you can’t keep up. The list goes on.

All of these routine processes could be sped up by AI, freeing up your time and headspace for higher-level thinking, more creative ideas, and an iced coffee run.

Bottom line: AI is not going to steal your job any faster than that intern who’s a sneaky little brownnoser with a hidden agenda (s/o Miss Ungermeyer in The Lizzie McGuire Movie). So instead of fearing artificial intelligence, we’re encouraging you to embrace it as a tool that allows you to direct your valuable energy toward your most impactful work (and help you combat burnout in the process).

Be sure to check out the full report from Microsoft to learn more about the role AI can play at work, and subscribe to the WorkLab newsletter to stay on top of AI news.

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