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Should you hire someone wearing sweats?

Wtf am I doing?

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Song of the day: Don’t ask why, but we’ve had “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” stuck in our heads for the past few days. So, let’s give it a little listen (again).

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Should You Hire Someone Wearing Sweats?

I’m hiring for a remote position and the interviews are virtual. I’ve noticed that the younger candidates are dressed extremely casually; I'm talking old sweatshirts and graphic tees. I'm still under the impression that we should be "dressing to impress" when interviewing, or at the very least, wearing a plain T-shirt. Am I out of the loop, or is this the new norm? —K.

Look, we’re all for casual and comfy around here, but we’re with you on this one. An interview is all about making a good impression. When candidates can’t put in the effort of wearing a sweater instead of a Snuggie, it makes us wonder if they’ll even put effort into the role.

That said, don’t let a candidate’s Nick Miller-esque outfit be the end-all-be-all if they have every other quality you’re looking for to fill this role. Maybe it’s 1) their first job, or 2) they’ve only worked remotely and have never had to dress up. Not to give them an excuse, but the Covid pandemic really changed things, especially the working world, so think about maybe cutting them a little slack.

Storytime (for quite literally the opposite situation): Once, I (Rod) was interviewing at a startup after working for a business professional job. For the interview, I was told to wear whatever "made me feel the most like myself," so for me, that meant a blazer, T-shirt, and jeans. I showed up to the office, and everyone else was so casual in their quarter zips, jeans, and graphic tees... even the hiring manager commented about how dressed up I was! It definitely made me feel a bit uncomfy, but hey, I landed the job!

Something we suggest doing when interviewing candidates to avoid any kind of fashion faux pas?

• When sending a confirmation email with the interview details, include a sentence or two about the office’s work attire. That way, you set them up for success by giving them the chance to dress accordingly right from the start.

Did I Make The Right Career Switch?

Last year, I made a huge career change, and I'm still questioning whether it was a good decision. Changing careers meant that I lost my financial security. I don't miss my old job, but I do miss some of the benefits. Do you have any suggestions on how to cope with change and not feel like regretting everything? —V.

The first thing that should make you feel good is that you recognized you needed to make a change and then made it happen. Even if we’re unhappy in our role, many of us never make a move because we’re too comfortable and, often, scared of change.

It’s normal to miss the benefits and perks of some jobs, but the fact that you don’t actually miss your old job indicates that you made the right choice. At the end of the day, change will always be stressful, but think about how you're serving yourself! Literally, YOLO, ya know?

One thing we like to do when we second-guess ourselves is do a little zoom-out action on our choice. Think about the reasons for the switch and the positive changes that have come from it, like:

  • A healthier work-life balance. You can now make that 4 pm Corepower Yoga class you always missed by hours at your last gig.

  • Less stress. Okay, so what if you have to order Uber Eats a little less during the week? You’re also not having a menty b every other day from all of those follow-up emails you had to send.

  • The chance to flex your creative muscle. Maybe this change allows you the flexibility to be a little more creative instead of crunching numbers in an Excel doc every single day. And we love that for you!

Remember: Be proud of where you are in this moment. You obviously made the switch for a reason, or else you wouldn’t have done it. Find that reason, and we promise you won’t look back. 

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Things To Send in the Group Chat

…while you listen to TTPD for the 98th time.

According to social media, Millennials prefer to make large purchases on a computer because “too much can go wrong,” compared to Gen Z, who is totally fine booking a vacation from their phone. Reply and let us know your preference and why! We’re Team Laptop, obvi.

Someone give Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt an Emmy ASAP for their hosting duties on last weekend's SNL! And while you’re at it, make sure to watch the Beavis and Butt-Head skit.

We’re obsessed with anything and everything with pesto in it, so we’re clearly drooling over this grilled chicken pesto pocket recipe from @nourishing’s Instagram. 🤤

Thanks for reading today, friends! Catch ya back here in a week. <3 you! 

—Rod & Gabi

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