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How to tell your friend to put their phone down

You deserve that vacay!

Hi friends! It was recently brought to our attention that ostriches can roar like lions?? A little something to remember the next time your self-confidence gets in the way of you telling your boss that their idea sucks. 

Today’s tunes: My friends said if I play Noah Kahan’s new album Stick Season (Forever) one more time, they’ll need to take a break from me. Welp, looks like we’ll be spending some time apart for the foreseeable future…


How To Tell Your Friend To Put the Phone Down


I have a friend who’s constantly on their phone. They’ll pick it up in the middle of me telling a story, start scrolling, and then have no idea what I’ve said. It really makes me feel like I’m less of a priority than whatever they’re double-tapping on Instagram. How do I say something without coming off as rude or nagging? —G.


It’s called “phubbing,” and no, we’re not kidding. Short for “phone snubbing,” phubbing describes a situation where “someone physically present is being ignored because the other person is on their phone.” 

We may all benefit from putting our phones down more, but we’re sorry that your friend’s screen time makes you feel this way! The #1 thing to do about the sitch without coming off too harsh? 

Be upfront. If your friend’s scrolling is making you feel unimportant, tell them! Them grabbing their phone mid-convo most likely has nothing to do with you and everything to do with a bad habit. Being honest with them will:

  • Prevent frustrated feelings from building to the point where you become passive-aggressive or, even worse, explode and cause a fight

  • Give them a wake-up call to be more conscious of their phone usage.

If you’ve been honest with your friend and they continue to dive down TikTok rabbit holes every time you try and spill your little heart out, it may be time to re-evaluate what you value and need in a friendship. If we were to guess, it’s probably not someone making you feel unliked while liking Britney Spears’ latest dancing post.

You Deserve the PTO!


My boss doesn't want to give me the PTO that I’ve requested. I have asked four months in advance, and she says she’s still unsure if I can take the days off. How should I approach this issue?—I.


It sounds like the PTO police (AKA your boss) may be a little jealous they’re stuck crunching numbers instead of sipping piña coladas on a beach at 10am, but that’s not your issue. If you initially accepted the job in agreement with paid time off, you are entitled to just that! Here are a few steps we’d do if we were in your shoes.

  1. Speak to your boss. Before escalating the issue to higher-ups, schedule a one-on-one with your boss and ask why they aren’t granting you a freaking break! Denying your time off without giving any reason seems like a cowardly tactic to try and assert control and dominance as your superior (barf).

    Pro tip: Since you probably want to avoid receiving Slack messages during your daily beachside massages, open communication is key. Being transparent with your boss about where your projects stand before you peace out can help ease their mind or allow them enough time to plan if extra help is needed while you’re OOO. 

  2. Talk to HR. If you’ve tried the above and still aren’t getting a clear answer, it’s time to escalate the issue to HR. Your boss denying your PTO and withholding any reason reason why is simply unprofessional and downright toxic. Bye!!

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Things To Send Your Work Besties

…after you ugly-cried watching Past Lives.

Just a friendly little reminder that whatever you’re currently nervously biting your nails about will all be A-OK. We promise. :) 

The rumors are true (see what we did there?)!! This week, Lindsay Lohan revealed on Andy Cohen Live! that a Freaky Friday sequel is in the works! A LL and JLC reunion?! The world isn’t ready.

When life gives you lemons, you make this delicious homemade raspberry lemonade refresher by KaleJunkie.

Thanks so much for stopping by; you really are the best! We’ll see you back here next week. :) 

—Rod & Gabi

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