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How to getcha head in the WFH game

Eyes on the prize

Hey friends! How fitting for this edition that I got so distracted scrolling on the new Threads app that I almost forgot to write this newsletter. JK, I’d never forget you! I will however be unable to stop watching as everyone does their best Twitter impression on their IG stories.

Monday vibes: Today’s edition is all about staying focused while working from home. And who other than the great Troy Bolton and crew to motivate us to do just that??


P.S. BIG NEWS! We’re hosting a WorkDaze Happy Hour for our work besties in Chicago this Thursday! If you’re around and want to come meet your heroes (promise it won’t be a let down), you can RSVP right here.

How to Stay Focused With WFH Distractions

Getcha head in the…all hands

Presenting: My Top 10 Biggest WFH Distractions*

*It’s a forever growing list, ask me what’s in the top 10 next week and it’ll look totally different

  1. My current hyper fixation: watching hydrodip TikToks

  2. Scrolling through all my past BeReals and then texting my friends bugging them to get back in the BeReal game

  3. Listening to my next door neighbors argue about who’s making dinner (it’s Colleen’s turn tonight, FYI)

  4. Tracking every move of the Amazon delivery person with my package

  5. Messaging my work bestie incessantly asking what they think about the new profile photo I’m considering and whether they agree that NYC is the blueprint Housewives franchise

  6. Looking out the window (with a Michelle Branch vibe) when it’s 80 degrees in Chicago

  7. Reading the Wikipedia description of every M. Night Shyamalan movie ever made because watching them is too scary

  8. The 2pm slump

  9. Writing down tasks I’ve already completed so I can cross them off my to-do list

  10. Job searching (on my work computer, yolo) for roles that list “paw-ternity leave” because how can I say goodbye this face every morning. I mean come on…


Look, I’m Team WFH all day, but with so many distractions? It’s not always easy to get your stuff done. So let’s talk about some tips and tricks to help you getcha head in the game.

Silence your phone: Not to be dramatic, but silencing my phone’s notifications during my focus time has been life-changing. Sometimes I even leave it in another room so I’m not tempted to go down another two-hour rabbit hole of where the entire High School Musical cast is today.

Have a designated workspace: Working from a specific spot instead of horizontally on your couch helps distinguish a place for work and a place for a two-hour snooze. If you need ideas on how to zhuzh up your desk, check these out.

Get into a routine: A schedule lets you plan and prioritize your workday while forming healthier habits along the way (fitting in morning workouts, healthy lunches, etc). If you need an idea of what this could look like, look no further.

Take breaks: A study from March 2021 revealed that taking short breaks helps boost energy and productivity. Taking a short walk, having a cup of coffee, or even reading a quick chapter of the book you never finished for your book club are all effective WorkDaze-approved ideas.

Things to message your work besties

…while complaining about how hot it is after complaining about how cold it was for the last six months.

In the latest episode of the WorkLab pod, Wharton professor Ethan Mollick explains why business leaders should be using AI—and requiring their teams to do the same.*

Reminiscing about the days when I’d crush Capri Suns at soccer games after I scored absolutely zero goals but worked hard keeping that bench warm. And now there’s an adult version?

The romcom Happiness for Beginners comes out on July 27 on Netflix. Trying to heal from a divorce, Helen (Ellie Kemper) sets out on a survival course with strangers and learns how to live her life to the fullest again. We may have another Holidate level hit on our hands!

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Thanks so much for reading!! I’ll catch you back here on Friday for a little Q&A action! And if you’re in Chicago, I’ll see you Thursday. I’ll be the tall one talking about the cultural significance of Kelly Rowland texting in Microsoft Excel in the Dilemma music video in 2002!



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