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What to say in your next interview

A team player with experience in…

Hey guys! Did you know that Clueless was loosely based on Jane Austen’s novel Emma?? 🤯 No ifs, ands, or as-ifs about it!

Song of the day: Cowboy Carter has exceeded all of our wildest dreams.” II Most Wanted” with Miley may just be our fave (for this week at least)…what’s yours?

Say This, Not That: Interview Edition

As if finding jobs we actually want isn’t hard enough, the interview process is 10 times more difficult! With such a competitive job market these days, knowing what to say in an interview can be intimidating, so we’re here to help.

Unique and well-thought-out answers will set you apart from the rest of the competition. So instead of that typical corporate jargon crap that you’re sick of using (and employers are sick of hearing, tbh) use these ideas to land you in the “#1 candidate” pile.

❌ “I’m a driven and motivated individual.”

✅ Maybe you 1) wanted to see a project out from start to finish or 2) were determined to hit your year-end goals. Discuss your commitment in past roles to show your resilience and patience, two qualities of a good employee.

❌ “I’m proficient in _____.”

✅ Using the example of saying you’re “proficient in Excel,” talk specifically about how your knowledge of the program improves your workflow and give examples like: 

1) Building dashboards to organize and analyze data
2) Using shortcuts like CTRL-Arrow to save tedious amounts of time

❌ “I’m a team player that thrives in a collaborative environment.”

✅ Think of a time when you helped a colleague with a project, and tell that story! Showing that you’re fully capable of stepping up when needed is a good quality employers look for in a candidate.

❌ I have ___ years of experience.”

✅ Mention 2-3 lessons you learned from various jobs throughout your career and relate them to the role you’re going after. Sharing these lessons shows how much you’ve learned and grown throughout your career.

“I’m passionate and love what I do!”

✅ People look for others with passion who are genuinely jazzed about a role and eager to contribute positively to a company.

Talk about how and why this position excites you. Emphasize your desire to contribute positively to the company and list a few things you hope to accomplish if you’re hired. 

• Bonus: Briefly mention any passion projects outside of work that you have. The time invested in these activities shows that you value drive and purpose. 

While we’re eager to land a job and show off just how good we’ll be at it, it’s important to remember not to sell our souls for a paycheck. Two phrases to avoid saying in an interview that need no explanation?

“I don’t mind working late.” 
“I’ll do anything!” 

Got a Q for us to A? Submit yours here.

Things To Send in the Group Chat

…before you pour yourself a glass of wine at 5:01 pm.

Hold on to your gauchos… my 00’s party “Top 8” is making its return to Chicago on July 20th at Thalia Hall! Come hang with me, dance to our favorite throwbacks, and still be in bed by 9 pm! Tickets go on sale tomorrow (4/4), so be sure to snag ‘em here!

We must admit that we watched one too many of @Satisfying SS’s TikTok videos instead of paying attention to today’s all-hands meeting. It’s the little things in life, ya know?

Garlic, parmesan pasta chips?! EXCUSEEEEE ME? Um, we have no words for @shewillevolve’s mouthwatering recipe on TikTok rn except for “more, please.”

That’s all for today friends. But seriously, you reading WorkDaze every week puts giant smiles on our faces! We’ll see you back here next week. :)

—Rod & Gabi

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