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What you should say in your exit interview

Fast-paced environment or just a freaking mess?

Hi friends! Hope your week is off to a great start! The WorkDaze team is still recovering from a weekend in Mexico with Jose Cuervo, but more on that later. Who says work trips can’t be fun?! 

Song of the day: May we suggest blasting JoJo’s Leave (Get Out) as you drive away after your exit interview?

Things to Say in Your Exit Interview

I’m planning on leaving my job this year due to burnout and a micromanaging coworker. Should I mention these things when I'm asked why I’m leaving? If so, how do I do it in a professional manner? —K.

You absofreakinglutely can bring burnout and your micromanaging coworker up in your exit interview. In fact, we encourage you to!! Exit interviews can have multiple purposes including:

  1. Allowing the company to learn of any internal issues so they can improve their internal processes

  2. Providing the employee with any feedback that may help them in their next role

If you want to give honest feedback: There are other ways to tell your employer that your coworker sucks. 

  • Give a few specific examples of times when your coworker’s behavior negatively affected your work. Real-life examples are always key. 

If you’re looking for feedback: Come prepared with questions tailored to the answers you’re looking for. Some of those could be:

  • What are some ways you saw the company’s performance improve when I was hired?

  • Is there a specific area that I could use more experience in?

  • What areas of this role do you think are my strongest and why? 

And remember, if you’re asking for feedback, be prepared for it! If you’re anything like us, that means hyping yourself up at least 3-5 business days before.

If you want to just GTFO: Answer the questions your employer asks you, but you don’t need to go above and beyond with detail if your experience was anything but great.

Remember, an exit interview is not only to help your employer but also to provide you with feedback and tie up any loose ends you need before you peace out.

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What a “Fast-Paced Environment” Really Means

What's been your experience with jobs that have "Must thrive in a fast-paced environment" in the job description? Unless it's breaking news, it’s giving, "We're too disorganized to have a healthy pace of work, and prefer to dump it on our employees instead of creating better processes." How do you recommend bringing this up in an interview without seeming lazy and that I don't want to work? —C.

We feel ya! Whenever we hear the words “fast-paced environment,” our minds immediately go here:

But that’s not always the case! Our advice? Ask them 1) to define what that actually means at their company and 2) for specific instances when this could happen.

  • If they have a ton of examples, this may be a red flag that you might be right

  • If they mention only a few examples, ask about the outcomes of them. This way, you’ll get a sense of whether you’ll have the support of a team or if they’ll expect you to figure it out alone.

For the record, bringing this up doesn’t make you seem lazy; in fact, it lets the employer know you mean business and aren’t about that chaotic work life.

Things To Send in the Group Chat

…after you FaceTime your long-distance bestie on your lunch break. 

We were OOO all weekend long in Mexico, thanks to our friends at Jose Cuervo! We took the Jose Cuervo Express (highly recommend!) from Guadalajara to Tequila, MX, where we danced our little tushies off at the Akamba Music Festival in the middle of the desert…wild! We were spoiled with fun activities all weekend long, including planting our very own agave, tequila tastings, eating too many delicious meals to count, and so much more! We ❤️ you Jose Cuervo!

Poking on Facebook walked so sliding into Instagram DMs could run. This interview with a 21-year-old Mark Zuckerberg reminds us of simpler times when flirting was done with the click of a button. 

We can’t believe cottage cheese is still having a moment, and we’re kind of still here for it. The one-ingredient cottage cheese wraps by @SeriousFoodFetish on Instagram, seem simple enough to make. Let us know if you try it!

Welp; that’s all we got for ya today. Go get yourself a little treat and we’ll see ya in a week! 

— Rod & Gabi 

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