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We picked out your Halloween costume

A WorkDaze Quiz: All treats, no tricks

Hey friends! What’s been one of your most memorable Halloween costumes? Oh, mine? I was the Jolly Green Giant my senior year of high school. No, I don’t have pictures. And yes, I looked as absurd as you can imagine.

Song of the week: I watched Practical Magic last weekend and have had Faith Hill’s “This Kiss“ in my head ever since. And I’m not mad about it!


Quiz: What You Should Be For Halloween Based On Your Work Vibe

We still have a few days left until the office Halloween parties start popping off (are the kids still saying that these days?). If you need some inspo for your office’s annual costume contest, boy do we have the quiz for you.

Just tell us your work vibe by answering the questions below and we’ll tell you what you should be—and save you an “easy DIY halloween costume” Google on Monday night.

Take the quiz and don’t forget to tag @work.daze and share your results on social!

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PSA: Better Travel is Better Business 📣

Do you wish traveling for work could be…simpler? That splitting that Uber with your coworkers to that convention center was a bit…roomier? That ordering food didn’t involve desperately Googling the one dim sum place that delivers in Tampa after 10 pm? That you didn’t need to remember to save your dim sum receipt and you could just pass out before your 7 am session time? 


Nothing like some extra leg room to change up my mood when traveling for work. Check and see if you can snag a more spacious ride or easie... See more

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then do we have a solution for you. If your company uses Uber for Business, you may be eligible for benefits that go beyond your time on the clock—like rides with top-rated drivers and extra legroom (tall people rise up). But don’t worry—your separate Uber for Business profile lets you keep business and pleasure safely split.

Don’t leave work travel benefits on the table. Check to see if your company uses Uber for Business today.

Things To Send Your Work Besties

…while you finish the last Kit Kat from the stash you bought for trick-or-treaters. Hope they’re cool with floss and apples?

Raise your hand if you put a time limit on your social media and then immediately press “ignore limit” every single time that limit pops up. TBH, cutting back on my mindless scrolling is something I’ve been actively working on, and this short episode of Teachers Table from Headspace has some good practices to help cut down on screen time.

Two things I love? French onion soup and pasta. So when I saw this One-Pot French Onion Pasta recipe by Samantha Montgomery, I immediately knew my dinner plans. 🤤

“I didn’t care about trends. Instead, I worked hard to look the way I pictured myself.” All hail Queen Dolly Parton! Her new book, Behind the Seams: My Life in Rhinestones, takes a journey through some of the most iconic outfits of her career.

Thanks for reading, and send us pics of your Halloween costumes! Dying to know who’ll actually dress up as a Katy Perry chandelier. 



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