3 perks you should ask for

…that aren’t money

Hi friends. Hope you had a good week! I just learned that Beyoncé’s vocal training used to involve singing her own songs while running (this absolutely checks out if you’ve seen the early fan videos from her Renaissance World Tour). And to think I get winded being on calls for more than 15 minutes…

Friday vibes: Destiny’s Child raised me to know my worth, and it all started with “Bills, Bills, Bills.”


Work Benefits To Ask For Besides Salary

What are some additional perks you can negotiate outside of salary? I’m up for a promotion but it’s in the public sector so there’s not much budget. I love my job and I’d like to stay but I want to at least get something for my new role.—J.

First, congrats on being up for a promotion, proud of you! 🫶 Here’s what I’d ask for if I wasn’t getting a bigger paycheck to go with bigger responsibilities. Because if you don’t ask, you’ll never know.

More time off: I managed to negotiate two extra weeks of PTO when a company I was joining couldn’t pay me what I asked for.

  • Here’s how to ask: “If you aren’t able to meet my desired salary, would you be open to adding [insert a reasonable number of days + 2 because why not] more days to my PTO instead?”

Technology/office stipend: Phone (shoutout to my fellow millennials still on the family plan), wifi, and home office expenses can add up. If your company agrees to pay for these, you’ll save a few extra bucks that could go towards your retirement savings last-minute Beyoncé tickets fund.

  • Here’s how to ask: “I understand you are unable to meet my desired salary. Instead, would you be open to providing a regular stipend for my work expenses including [list expenses here]?”

Health/wellness memberships: Coverage of your membership to Equinox or Gold’s or wherever you do your 12-3-30 is another enticing benefit. Taking care of your physical/mental health for free? We love to see it.

  • Here’s how to ask: “Wellness is important to me, and as you’re not able to match my asking salary, would you be open to providing a stipend of [insert amount here] per month for health and wellness programs?”

Keeping Your Boss Out of Your Business

We get a decent amount of sick time at my current job. Most of our staff is younger (college/grad students), and people call in fairly regularly. Our management told us they don’t need details of why we call in but when we’re back they always ask why we were out. Any advice on how to deal with this or how to talk to them about it?—S.

If you’re granted a set amount of sick time, you should be able to take it, no questions asked.

Unfortunately, it isn’t illegal for employers to ask employees why they’re calling in sick (unless your ailment falls under the Americans with Disabilities Act). But it feels a bit invasive if you ask me, especially if you don’t feel comfortable sharing the dirty details of your gas station sushi food poisoning (or let’s be honest, Law & Order: SVU binge) with your manager.

How can you respond? Keep things vague if you don’t want to share why you were out. Something along the lines of “I woke up not feeling well and needed a day to rest.” The end. It’s short, sweet, and to the point. Just leave out the fact that you were feeling better in time for happy hour with your work besties.

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Things to Slack your work besties

…while you go rollerblading on your lunch break.

74% of millennials think they should get a promotion after two years. As for Gen Z? 45% agree. What do you think makes our generation more sure of their upward mobility prospects? Maybe it was Cher negotiating her debate class grade in Clueless?

‘Tis the season for fun drinks, boozy or not! I must make this Strawberry Rose Mojito mocktail immediately. Reply to this email with any summer mocktail or cocktail recipes you love!

Can we all stop pretending we get anything done when we go into the office? Comedian Matt Buechele describes working in a hybrid setup, and it’s all too accurate right down to the $18 dollar salad. 🙃

That’s all for today! Wishing you a fun weekend with little to no stress and four to five fun summer drinks! See you back here at the same place, same time on Monday.



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