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How to spend the holiday weekend

Red, white, and binge watching

Hey friends! Not to sound like my parents, but time really is flying this summer. Anyone else feel like we just totally skipped over the month of June and we’re somehow already in July? Not complaining though since we’re heading straight into a long holiday weekend…

Weekend vibes: I’m really regretting missing The Eras Tour, so I may add watching Netflix’s Miss Americana for the fifth time to my to-do list this weekend. For patriotic reasons, of course.


How To Spend The Long Holiday Weekend

Want to do more than watch your hometown’s three-minute firework show and stuff your face with hot dogs (here we go again with the hot dog talk 🙄) this weekend? A few suggesties to make the most of a few extra days of work-free summertime:

Make a little treat. Can confirm this ice cream sandwich cake (which includes multiple layers of Cool Whip, very Midwest-coded) may just be one of my favorite summer holiday treats.

Do absolutely nothing. Just because your friends are taking red, white, and blue Jell-O shots on their Instagram stories doesn’t mean you have to join in. If you’re tired and your body is telling you to rest, by all means, rest! America’s most influential historical figure, Jennifer Coolidge, would want you to.

Check out some sales. You definitely do need that bathing suit that’s been chilling in your cart for the last two weeks. Checkout Vogue’s list of noteworthy Fourth of July sales.

Binge a show. You know what’s better than forgetting to wear sunscreen all day and getting a third-degree sunburn? The second season of Hulu’s The Bear, which takes place in Chicago in the wintertime and will, of course, make you extra grateful for 80% humidity.

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Things to Slack your work besties

…before you turn on your OOO message for the next four days.

Dental floss 🤝 Your flyaways. You’re welcome.

May I interrupt your binging of season two of And Just Like That to tell you why Carrie Bradshaw rarely gets her nails done?

From Freaky Friday to Mean Girls, Lindsay Lohan breaks down her most fetch looks over the years with Allure.

Me n the homies tonight

That’s all for today, pals! Thanks so much for reading. Have the best long weekend ever. We’re OOO on Monday, so we’ll see you back here next Friday!



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