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What Taylor Swift era are you?

You need to calm down

Hi friends! With Taylor Swift’s NYC shows right around the corner (cue “Welcome To New York”), we’re having a little extra fun today: another quiz in honor of our WorkDaze New York bureau snagging tickets to the hottest show in Northern New Jersey. The premise? You tell us about your email style and we’ll tell you which Taylor Swift era you are. 📧

Keep scrolling for a little Q&A and the quiz your whole group chat for sure needs to take.

Friday feels: Me to myself and pretty much everyone I come into contact with on a daily basis: “You Need To Calm Down.”


How Do I Tell My Coworker to Fix Their Attitude?

How do I tell my coworker to fix their attitude/temper? I get that we all get stressed out about our jobs from time to time, but this is totally bumming me out. And worse, it’s making them harder to work with.—T.

I love when I can answer a question with personal experience (but please, no one ask about what to do if you accidentally send your tickets for the Tuesday matinee of Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret to your work printer instead of your home printer on a day you called in “sick”). My advice starts with a story:

If you know me (and you do), you know I’m a little chatty. I once had a coworker who would ignore my daily “good morning!” every single day—we’re talking walk right by without even a nod! So I’ve been there.

Two things I recommend doing in addition to not taking it personally?

  • Talk to them directly: Saying something like Hey, I’ve noticed you’ve been a bit short towards me. Is there something that’s bothering you or that I can help with? This 1) tells them you’ve noticed their behavior and 2) gives them the chance to let you know if something is wrong (if they want to).

  • Speak to your boss: Look, I’m not one to tattle. But the truth is? If this is impacting your ability to get your work done, it’s time to bring it up to the powers that be (diplomatically, of course). Consider saying something to your boss like “I’m having a hard time connecting with [insert crabby coworker’s name here]. Their approach to the team’s work, including [insert specific instances of said crabbiness here], is starting to affect our ability to work productively. I need some help managing this situation. A big part of a manager’s job is to make sure their team works well together, and this coworker is making that hard to do.

QUIZ: What Taylor Swift Era You Are Based on Your Email Style

Using 17 exclamation points in a four-sentence email that I was supposed to send three weeks ago…which era is that again?

Our Swiftie-approved quiz will tell you which Taylor Swift era you belong in based on your email etiquette. Am I…a total Swiftie now? I think I might be.

Once you’ve found your own T.S. era, send this quiz to your work besties and visit our comments section at the bottom of this email to share which one you get! Anyone want to guess which era I’m in?

Things to Slack your work besties

…after you take a midday work call from the hair salon.

If you, like me, are an awkward turtle (why was that ever a thing?) when meeting people, these weird fun facts can help you break the ice. Side note: I may or may not have run to the mirror to check my nose after watching.

It’s me, I’m the awkward turtle.

Forget your politics or alma mater or zodiac sign. I can find out everything I need to know about you based on your favorite vessel for water. Connor Clary breaks down what our favorite water bottles say about us, and he’s not wrong about my Stanley (especially the Diet Coke part).

There’s something about a spooky little podcast before bed that’s relaxing to me. Is this normal? Don’t answer that. My current listening obsession? Going West: True Crime.

That’s all for today! Hope your weekend is filled with nothing but good vibes. TTYL on Monday!



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