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Hi friends! 📣 PSA: Do not sleep on the Trader Joe’s flower section! I bought the best bouquet the other day because…it’s a party in the USA I can buy myself flowers.

I mean…hello?!

Today’s tunes: Imagine Michelle Branch’s “Goodbye To You” playing in the background as you shut your laptop for the last time after your exit interview.

P.S. We’re sharing some grad school advice in an upcoming newsletter and we’d love to hear from anyone who went to grad school, seriously contemplated it, or finally told their parents they had to stop asking about law school. Was your decision the right one in hindsight? What’s your POV on grad school? Hit reply and tell us everything!


Work EtiQUITte

Do you smell that in the air? It smells like…it’s quitting time?

No but seriously, lots (lots) of you have been reaching out lately with Qs about peacing out from your jay-oh-bees. From first-time employees leaving for greener pastures (literally 💵) to managers whose team members are saying adios, let’s chat about 1) the best way to quit a job and 2) how to handle when someone on your team quits.

For employees:

Don't feel bad: As much as you don’t want to inconvenience anyone (because you’re a good human), you have to do what’s best for you. You’re the only one who knows exactly what you want and where you want to go in your career, so don’t guilt trip yourself over taking the steps to get you there.

Leave on a good note: We chatted a bit about this in a recent edition! But I always try not to burn any bridges. You really never know what connections may help you in the future.

For managers:

Support your employee: As much as it sucks to lose a great team member, part of being a great manager is supporting and helping your reports grow—even if that means losing them to a job that gives them what you can’t.

Ask for feedback: A tale as old as time: Me asking for feedback and then crying after I get said feedback. But don’t let me stop you—do an exit interview to hear from your employee about why they’re leaving. It could provide some stellar tips on doing your job well and keeping their replacement long-term.

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What To Do When Your Boss Guilt Trips You for Quitting

I found a new job that pays $30k more than I’m making now, so I put my two weeks in. Instead of my manager being excited for me, they panicked and begged me to stay. They even went as far as to text me with empty promises of growth (not the first time) and tried telling me that “money isn’t everything.” I know I shouldn’t feel guilty about my decision, but I do. Any words of affirmation?—S.

First of all, congratulations on the new job. I’m proud of you, and you should be too! Do not, I repeat, DO NOT feel guilty for leaving your company. Your boss using their power to guilt trip you is highly inappropriate.

The red flags from your boss that tell me you’ve made the right choice in leaving?

🚩 Not being supportive. Okay, so they’ll never find someone as perfect and hard-working as you. But that doesn’t mean they should hold you back from growing in your career.

🚩 Begging you to stay. Honestly…desperate.

🚩 Making empty promises. If you were promised things in the past that never came to fruition, they’re probably not going to change now.

🚩 Talking about money. “Money isn’t everything.” —Your boss who makes 4x your salary. Everyone’s financial situation is different, and a manager trying to convince you to stay when they don’t know what yours is? Not the move.

Things to send your work besties

…before you jump in the lake on your lunch break.

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I am and always will be a Summer Roberts fan! And even more so now that I’ve discovered Rachel Bilson’s podcast, Broad Ideas. It’s part interview, part conversation that I’ve audibly laughed out loud listening to.

My favorite thing to do is watch Architectural Digest’s “Open Door” celebrity house tours (aka the modern-day MTV Cribs) and manifest away. For starters, Amanda Seyfried’s New York pad will do.

That’s all for today! Thanks so much for reading. And remember you’re halfway through the week, you got this! 🫶



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